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Hayrides were the order of the day and very popular with attendees.

Frontier Days is a hit

If you wanted to bone up on your 19th century skills, Taylorsville was the place to be Saturday, Aug. 25. Indian Valley Museum offered up their first Frontier Day with exhibits inside the museum and hall, and demonstration booths and food vendors outside. There was even a hayride.

Visitors could learn to gold pan (there was one visitor from Australia who learned), spin wool, knit, make soap, and basketry — all sorts of skills one would need to survive in Taylorsville in the frontier days.

The crowds at Frontier Day surprised even the museum volunteers and organizers of the event — especially when a busload of tourists from the Reno area showed up. It sounds like an event that might be here to stay.

Event organizers were pleased with the turnout and have high hopes for next year.

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