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Fun formats keep the guys scrambling at Graeagle Meadows


The Graeagle Meadows Men’s Golf Association

GMGA play day Aug. 31 was a One-Man Scramble Format.  In this game, each player plays his own ball and has two Mulligans (do overs) to use on each hole.  There were 27 players competing.  This format does not include “skins.” Mark Yuill and Brian Hansen tied for first place with net scores of 57.  Don Judson won third with a net score of 58; Jim Reynolds took Fourth Place with a net score of 59.  Fifth Place was a tie between Ron Eaton and John Grasso with net scores of 60.

The GMGA Friday Play Day Sept. 2 format was a Two-person Better Ball on the front nine, and both balls counting on the back nine, plus “skins.” Payout was for best net score on the front nine, best net score on the back nine, and overall best net score for 18 holes.  Par for this game is 36 on the front nine, 72 on the back nine, and 108 for the overall.  Twenty-one players competed.  First Place on the front nine went to Andy Knudson and Chuck Hein with a net score of 25.  There was a tie on the back nine between the team of Jeff Monaghan and Bill Thomas, and the team of Andy Knudson and Chuck Hein, both with net scores of 71.  Overall winners spot was won by the team of Andy Knudson and Chuck Hein with a net score of 96.

There were six “skins” won:  Grant Mayfield (2) and one each from Chuck Hein, Mario Garibotti, Dave Dierking and Sean Moran.

Graeagle Women’s Golf Club

Sept. 1 was the first of the two-round Women’s Club Championship.  The second and final round will be played this Thursday, Sept. 8.  Look for the results and photos of the winner(s) coming soon.


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