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Garner seeks to unseat Engel for District 5 Supervisor

District 5 Supervisor Jeff Engel is seeking to retain his seat on the Plumas County Board of Supervisors. He is being challenged by businesswoman and Realtor Mimi Garner, and voters from Mohawk Valley to East Quincy will see their two names on the June 7 Primary ballot.

Plumas News is sharing brief biographical information and responses to preliminary questions for each of the candidates. Although questionnaires were sent to both candidates, only Supervisor Engel responded, and attempts to reach Garner were unsuccessful. If she submits the requested information, it will be included at a later date.

Jeff Engel

Jeff Engel

Age: 70

Occupation: I  am Your District 5 Supervisor and The  Owner/Operator Of “Engel Construction” For The Past 40 years. I Am A No-Nonsense, Honest, Hardworking, Self-Employed, Small  Business Owner and Plumas County Supervisor. I Take My Jobs and Work Seriously, With A Commen Sense Attitude and Approach In All Situations. Plumas County Has Been My Home For 60 Years. On Sunday’s I Can Usually Be Found “Drumming” At Portola Station.

Family: My Wife Jennifer and I Have Been Married For 47 Years. We Have Three Children and Ten Grandchildren. We Are Both Graduates Of Portola Jr/Sr High School. I Attended Feather River College For 2 Years, Then Transferred to College Of The Redwoods, In Eureka, Ca.

Why are you running to represent District 5 on the Plumas County Board of Supervisors?

Plumas County Has Given My Family and I A Great Life. I Am Working Hard, Doing My Best, To Pass On To Others, The Life and Opportunities I’ve Been Blessed To Have. Still Having Family and Many Friends Living In Plumas County, The Safety Of Those Living In and Visiting Our Beautiful Community, Is Of Utmost Importance To Me.

What pertinent experience do you bring to the position?

I’ve Represented District 5 For Over Seven Years. I Rely On My 50+ Years Of Business Experience In My Approach To Running The County. I Believe In Sound Fiscal, Conservative Principles and Think Local Government Should Be Run Like A Business. While In Office I’ve Saved Plumas County Hundreds of Thousands Of Dollars and Yet, We Still Struggle To Produce/Finalize A Balanced Budget. I Do Not Believe We Should Be Balancing  Our Budget On Catastrophic Forest Fire and Pandemic “Covid” Dollars.

Name the three most significant challenges that this county is facing and what would you do to address them?

  1. Plumas County Has Been Hard Hit With A Slow Economic Recovery, Covid and The Ramifications of Poor Forest Management! Resulting In…..A) Catastrophic Wildfires, 960,000 Acres Burnt and The Loss Of Most Of Our Beloved Town Of Greenville; B) Ability To Obtain Affordable Home Owners Insurance.; Most Policy Rates Have Increased, Beyond What Some Homeowners Are Able To Pay Which Leads To The Cancelation Of Their Much Needed Policy; C) Losses Of Resources and Revenues and D) Water Shed and Water Quality Issues. I’ve Been Working With Local, State and Federal Representatives Trying To Correct/Repair 40 Years Of Mismanagement.


  1. Retaining Public Sector Employees With Competitive Compensation for Sheriff’s Deputies, Correctional Officers, Dispatch Personal, Road Crew Workers and Other Dedicated Employees.


  1. State and Federal Mandates; Fire Safe Driveways, Sprinkler Systems, Solar Panels. These Mandates Do Not Add Up To Affordable Housing! I’ve Attended Numerous Public Hearing Meetings On These Issues and Have Voiced My Opinion. The Plumas County Board Of Supervisors Sent A Strong Letter of Objection to Cal Fire.

What are your constituents listing as their primary concerns and how would you address them?

Your Concerns Are My Concerns. We Are All Very Concerned About the Rise in Gas and Food Prices, Crime, Inflation, Public Safety, Insurance, Mandates and More. Plumas County Has No Ability To Change Many of The Problems We Face But When and Where I Can, I Will. I Will Always Continue Holding The Line On Unnecessary Spending and Financial Responsibility, Myself Included. As Your Supervisor, I Have Declined To Accept The Yearly, Mandated, Supervisor Salary Increase. Safety and Financial Responsibility Will Continue being My Top Priorities Along With Jobs and Employment. I’ve Worked Well With Numerous Plumas County Residents, Employees, Employers, Businesses and Departments Over The Course Of My Service. I’ve Been Very Involved In Securing The Funding For Our Much-Needed Building of Plumas County’s “New Jail” and California’s First, Public “Bio-Mass Plant”  located in Quincy, at the Annex Building.


In Closing, If You Have Questions, Concerns or Complaints, I Can Be Contacted In Person, By Phone or Email.

I Would Appreciate and Be Very  Thankful and Honored to Receive Your Consideration and Your Vote. I Look Forward To Continuing To Serving You.










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