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Bucks Lake Lodge collapsed under snow on March 19. A Go Fund Me account has been established to help the owners. Photo submitted

Go Fund Me account established for Bucks Lake Lodge

Friends of Bucks Lake Lodge have set up a Go Fund Me account to help the owners following the March 19 collapse of the structure under heavy snow. To access the link, click here; below is an excerpt from the request:

“Bucks Lake Lodge was crushed by heavy snow on March 19, 2023. Owners Louis Gutierrez and Rebecca Jo Baugh Guereque were out of town when it happened. Louis’ father died 6 months ago, and his mother died March 6. Louis and Rebecca were in Los Angeles for the funeral. Then his sister died unexpectedly on March 15. They were driving home from her funeral when they got the news about the lodge. They have suffered unimaginable loss.

“Louis and Rebecca have owned Bucks Lake Lodge and motel for over 16 years. A fire destroyed the lodge in 2010 and they rebuilt in 2013. Plans were designed by an engineering company in Susanville and it passed all building codes and inspections. The snow load was engineered at 1.5x what is required at Bucks Lake.

“While they were in Los Angeles for the funerals, they contacted friends who were going to shovel the roof but it was too late. The roof collapsed and there is major damage. It is unknown if any part of the structure can be saved. California Fair Fire Insurance was $40,000 per year with a $100,000 deductible but it wouldn’t cover the lodge, only the motel. There is no insurance for the lodge damage.”

It goes on to say that the owners had been in the process of selling the lodge, but now that is not happening. The organizers also noted the many contributions the Bucks Lake Lodge owners have made to the community.

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