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Golfing in Graeagle – the clubs report on play

Graeagle Meadows Women’s Golf Club

The June Ace of Aces Qualifier was played on a warm Thursday, June 23, with 19 players competing. The low gross and low net winners to qualify over the field compete in the end-of-season Ace of Aces Playoff in October. A player needs to qualify only once each season. June’s Qualifiers were: Low Gross, Sharon Russell, with a score of 84; and, Low Net, Renee Miller and Alaine Flynn, both with net scores of 68.

All players also competed in a game of “Criss Cross,” in which each player’s scores on the front nine holes are compared with her scores on the back nine holes (i.e., holes 1 and 10, holes 2 and 11, etc.), with the lower score counting as the game score, minus one-half of her 18-hole handicap. Flight A winners were: Low Gross, 1st Place was a tie between Michele Violett and Cynthia Baldwin, both with game scores of 37; Low Net, 1st Place, Sharon Russell, with a net score of 30. In Flight B, Low Gross, 1st Place, Alaine Flynn, with a score of 40; Low Net, 1st Place was another tie between Renee Miller and Carol Mitchell, both with net 30. The Flight C winners were: Low Gross, 1st Place, Dee Walker (46); Low Net, 1st Place, Nancy Linch (net 32); and, 2nd Place, Diane Forsberg (33).”Chip-ins” were made by: Cheryl Brennan (Happy Birthday to Cheryl from the Golf Gods), Alaine Flynn and Suzie Wiess.


Graeagle Men’s Golf Association

Play Day for June 22 was an Individual Low Net and skins event. Fifteen players, a lower number than usual, competed. First place was won by Dan Friedman with a net 68, second was a tie between Norm Miller and Andy Knudson with a net score of 70, and fourth and fifth place was a tie between John Grasso and Jim Reynolds with scores of 73. There were three skins awarded, one each to Norm Nichols, Andy Knudsen and Burt Bellow.

The men’s Play Day results for June 24. The game of the day was: Two-man better ball on the par 4’s and 5’s, and both balls on the par 3’s. In very warm weather, 25 players competed. First place was a three-way tie among the teams of Norm Nichols/Dennis Flynn, Dan Friedman/Burt Bellows, and Dave Macdonald/John Jackson, each with a net score of 74.


There were 10 skins paid: Three each to Mark Yuill and Burt Bellows, and one each to Bob Davies, Dan Friedman, Corey Fanti and Steve Peterson.

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