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Golfing in Graeagle this fall

Graeagle Meadows Women’s Golf Club

The game of the day on Sept. 23 was called, “O-N-E-S” in which the scores on the nine holes with hole numbers beginning with those letters count as the player’s game score, minus one-half of her handicap.  Flight 1 winners included:  1st Place, Cindy Hannah, with a game score of 34.5; 2nd Place, Holly Anderson and Priscilla Piper, both with 39.5.  In Flight 2, the winners were:  1st Place, Bev Reynolds (36); 2nd Place, Dee Walker (42),  and, Diane Forsberg made the only “chip-in.”

Graeagle Meadows Men’s Golf Club

The men of GMGA had their annual fall meeting Sept. 27, which is the springboard to the next season. They voted on the new board of directors and were presented the 2022 schedule of events as well as the statistics relating to the play from different tees. After the meeting, there was a 2-man scramble and the winners were Andy Knudsen and Mark Yuill who shot a score of 83. The team of Wally Walker and Gene Carr came in second place with a score of 66. There was a tie for third place between the teams of Bert Bellows & Mike Gibson and Grand Mayfield & George Fraser, each shooting a score of 70.

Sunday games included a tournament called “The Big Chief.” John and Barbara Capdeville were the winners with a score of 69. Grant Mayfield and Pricilla Piper came in second with a score of 74. There were no scores reported for the Friday game play.

Inquires about membership in the Graeagle Men’s Golf Association can be submitted to [email protected] or by visiting the website:gmeadowsclubs.com/MenHomeDir/index.html

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