Golfing ladies in Graeagle

Graeagle Meadows Women’s Golf Club
The game on Thursday, July 7th, was “Low Putts”. Putts are counted as the first stroke when the ball lies on the putting green, plus all subsequent strokes until the ball is holed. Eighteen players competed in the Low Putts competition, and the winners were:  First Place, Michele Violett, with 26 putts; Second Place, Priscilla Piper (29 putts); Third Place, Debbie Feutsch (30 putts); Fourth Place, Cindy Hannah and Ginger Holladay-Houston (both with 32 putts); and, Fifth Place, Holly Anderson and Darlene Gibaut (both with 33 putts). There were “chip-ins” galore: Michele Violett had two, and Holly Anderson and Ginger Holladay-Houston each had one. A “chip-in” from off the green results in zero putts on that hole, which is a big help in a low putts contest.