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Good trout and bass fishing at Almanor

Compiled by Mari Erin Roth

Special to Plumas News

[email protected]


Lake Almanor

Thanks to Almanor Fishing Association and specifically John Crotty for providing details the week of Oct. 14.

“We were eagerly awaiting our first fall storm this past weekend and it fizzled,” said Crotty. Lake Almanor received just enough rain to wet the roads for a few minutes. Temps did drop and the cloud cover has water temps holding in the low 60s. NOAA is predicting a mild week of weather with nighttime temps in the high 30s, daytime temps in the 70s and no chances of precipitation over the next seven days. Air quality is improving daily.

“Fishing was good this past week with trout being caught along the East shore and from the tip of the Peninsula north towards Bailey Creek,” said Crotty. South/West wind made both areas tough to fish and made for a tough bite. “We found a few fish between the Peninsula and Prattville in deeper water (40+ feet),” said Crotty. “You can pick your poison fast or slow, I have been slow trolling gulps and crawlers while other fishermen are picking up fish fast trolling hardware.” We continue to see large schools of pond smelt, with smelt boiling on the surface attempting to escape feeding fish. The grade of fish has been excellent with a few rainbows over 5 pounds, they are extremely healthy and hard fighting from gorging on smelt.

Shore fishing remains limited to Hamilton Branch, water temps need to drop and some winter storms for the cove fishing to improve for both bank and fly fishermen. “We are seeing more bass fishermen targeting bass off points with plastics, white is the color of choice,” said Crotty. “Fishing pressure will decline sharply over the next few weeks as most RV Parks and campgrounds close for the winter.”

Now is the time to experience fall fishing on Almanor, cool nights warm days and spectacular scenery will make for a memorable trip to Plumas County. Traffic delays remain on highway 36 from Susanville to Almanor and there has been one-way controlled traffic on 70 through the canyon at some places. The USFS ramp is back in at Prattville, the USFS hasn’t been able to drop the Canyon Dam ramp, as a result it is currently usable with not much dock to work with.

The Almanor Fishing Association received fish food for the 2020-21 pen season. Fish will arrive sometime around the end of October at which time Almanor Fishing Association volunteers will begin feeding fish daily through the winter. Past volunteer feeders should have received an email from fish pen coordinator, Brett Hurff. Any interested persons who would like to lend a hand to assist in the program can reach coordinators via email to [email protected] or by calling 284-0861.

Lake Davis

Planning for the 2021 derbies has begun. Tentative dates are Feb. 13 for the Ice Derby and Father’s Day Weekend Derby June 19.

Send your fishing stories and pictures to [email protected] for inclusion in this regular article.

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