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Gov. greenlights surgeries; PDH prepared to respond

There’s no date set to reopen the state, but California’s hospitals can resume scheduled surgeries — that was one of the messages from Gov. Gavin Newsom during his noon briefing today, April 22.

He also related a conversation and commitment from President Trump to send hundreds of thousands of testing swabs to the state and laid out a plan to increase testing in rural areas and in the inner urban areas. For Newsom, more testing is key to easing the state’s stay-at-home order.

However, as a first step to a return to normalcy, he announced the resumption of scheduled surgeries.

“These are surgeries that, yes, are scheduled but also essential — tumors, heart valves —the need for people to get the kind of care that they deserve,” Newsom defined. “If it’s delayed it becomes ultimately denied. If it’s delayed it becomes acute and that fundamentally is a health issue.”

He pointed out this did not include procedures such as cosmetic surgery.

Following the briefing, Plumas District Hospital CEO JoDee Read was asked whether PDH would be in a position to resume performing scheduled surgeries. She said that she had met with the surgical staff and discussed this eventuality. They were prepared to recall patients who had previously been scheduled for surgeries and would be developing a priority list.

The original intent to cancel scheduled non-emergency surgeries was to free up health care personnel, beds and equipment for potential coronavirus patients.

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