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Gov. Newsom retains governorship — how did Plumas vote?

Not long after the polls closed last evening, Sept. 14, it was clear that the attempt to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom failed. It was also clear which counties favored keeping him and which wanted to see him go.

As a whole, Californians voted no 63.9 percent to 36.1 percent yes. The totals will fluctuate as provisional ballots and those still in the mail are counted. But based on the wide spread between the percentages, the outcome will not change.

In Plumas County, the vote was 37.1 percent agains the recall and 62.9 percent in favor. The surrounding counties also voted to recall the governor:

Butte: 47.5 percent no; 52.5 percent yes

Lassen: 17.1 percent no; 82.9 percent yes

Sierra: 38.1 percent no; 61.9 percent yes

Tehama: 26.2 percent no; 73.8 percent yes

Plumas County voters saw a 57 percent turnout, though it did not lead the state — that honor went to Amador County with 66 percent voter turnout, with Sierra County close behind at 65 percent.

The surrounding counties’ turnout was as follows: Butte, 53 percent; Lassen, 50 percent; and Sierra, 65 percent.

As for those who had hoped to replace Newsom, conservative radio host Larry Elder received the greatest percentage of the statewide vote at 46.9 percent. Plumas County voters also selected Elder giving him 57.8 percent, followed by former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer at 6.7 percent and John Cox at 6.1 percent.

To see more results go to the California Secretary of State’s website at https://electionresults.sos.ca.gov


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