Graeagle men take to the course opening the season

By Mari Erin Roth

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This was the first full week of play for Graeagle Men’s Golf Association at Graeagle Meadows. It began Wednesday and the game was a net two-man game with one ball being scored on the front nine and both balls being scored on the back. First place was taken of Bryan Hansen and George Fraser with the combine score of 103. Second place went to the team of Jim Reynolds and Bert Bellows who came in with a score of 107. In third place Grant Mayfield and his guest (Ferrin) came in with a 108. There were 4 skins taken, Wally Walker took hole 12 with a net 2; Steve Harding took hole 13 with a net 3; Bert Bellows took hole 14 with a net 3 and the final skin went to Bryan Hansen on hole 18 with a net 4.

Play continued on Friday with the game being a net two-man best ball with a kicker that each player had to use their ball 9 times. First place went to George Fraser and Bert Bellows with a score of 61. Second place was taken by the team of Jack Gilbert and Bryan Hansen with a score of 64 and rounding out the finisher, in third place, was the team of Jeff Monaghan and Larry Pinson with the score of 66. There were 11 skins taken, Gary Kinkley took hole 1 and 6 with a net 2 on each; Randy Peterson took holes 2 and 14 with a net 2 on each; Bert Bellows took holes 3 and 7 with a net 1 and 3 respectively; Steve Harding took hole 8 with a net 1; Jack Gilbert took hole 9 with a net 3; Jeff Monaghan took hole 10 with a net 2 and lastly Mark Yuill took hole 13 with a net 3.


GMGA will continue to play Wednesdays and Fridays through the rest of the golf season while the start of the official season begins on May 5 when the men’s club holds their spring meeting.

Last week Graeagle Meadows had a “Soft Opening,” for members only and play for the members was individual net. Grant Mayfield took first place with a net 67 with Wally Walker coming in second with a net 69. Chuck Hein, John Grasso and Jack Gilbert all tied for third place to round out the field.

Friday was the regular opening day for Graeagle Meadows and GMGA play was a two-man best ball competition with skins. Norm Nichols and Gary Kinkley took first place with a score of 57 while second place went to the team of George Fraser and Jeff Monaghan coming in with a score of 63. There was a 3-way tie for third with Leo Reihsen & Grant Mayfield, Ron Eaton & John Grasso and Bert Bellows & Steve Peterson all coming in with scores of 64. There were 5 skins taken on this day with Jim Reynolds taking hole #1 with a net 2, Bill Hopp taking hole 2 with a net 2, Ron Eaton taking holes 10 & 14 each with a net 2 and Gary Kinkley grabbing hole 17, also with a net 2.

Now that GMGA has begun their normal competitions golfers can look forward to friendly competitions on Wednesdays and Fridays starting at 11 a.m. and 11:24 a.m. respectively.


Inquiries about membership in the Graeagle Men’s Golf Association can be submitted to [email protected], or visit our website at

Hole ten at Graeagle Meadows looks inviting on April 30 as golf season and courses open in Plumas County.