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Greenville Elementary to become shelter for those displaced by fire

The Plumas County Sheriff’s Office announced this afternoon that a fire victim shelter will be opened at Greenville Elementary School (225 Grand St.) on Monday, Oct. 18. With the incoming inclement weather next week, it is critical fire survivors without shelter be provided a place out of the rain, wind and winter elements.

This shelter will be operated by the county’s Department of Social Services. Meals will be provided. This shelter will be open to those who lost their residence as a result of the Dixie and Beckwourth Fires.

The county, along with its State and Federal partners, will assist fire victims in making sure they have signed up for all available services including non-profit and FEMA assistance, to ensure they receive assistance in planning long-term housing solutions.

The shelter will open at 2 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 18. COVID-19 continues to pose a serious public health risk. Precautions will be taken to ensure the health and safety of all attendees. Please wear a mask and continue to practice social distancing. If you think you have been exposed or are experiencing any symptoms, please notify the nursing staff immediately upon arrival.

For more information visit www.plumascounty.us and follow the county Facebook page.

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