Greenville football warms up with tough competition


The Indians took on the Loyalton Grizzlies for their first game of the season and the Bears turned out to be rough competition winning 30-0. “The majority of our players are inexperienced,” said GHS head football coach Dave Keller. “They either are freshmen or sophomores who had little playing time last season.”

GHS quarterback Wade Neer, fullback Cayden Taddei, and receiver Connor Barr played well on offense. The team had a solid effort as a group on defense, thanks to defensive coordinator Harvey Merino according to Keller. “We lack the experience that Loyalton has. Loyalton has a solid, well-coached program,” said Keller. “That being said, every single student on our team worked hard. And, aside from a handful of big plays by Loyalton, Greenville played well on defense. I think that once we get more experience we will be a very good team.”

The GHS Indians take on the undefeated Portola Tigers (2-0) March 26. So far the PHS boys have not let anyone else on the scoreboard. Maybe Greenville will be the first.

The 2020 fall football season is just a few games in the spring of 2021, but family members that have been permitted to attend the outdoor contests seem as grateful as the athletes are to get on the field. Athletics are slowly moving forward, cautiously and safely, and everyone seems thrilled to be going through the motions.