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Greenville girls earn top spot at NSCIF

“Well they did it!” said Greenville High School athlete parent Misty Banchio after the Greenville girls won Feb. 15 at home. And indeed they did. Winning the semi-final competition with Paradise by a score of 51-22 advances the Indians to the very top. “They are going to the championship game Feb. 23 at Shasta College,” said Banchio.

The Greenville girls will face either the Butte Valley Bulldogs (15-9) or the Surprise Valley Hornets (15-4). The Hornets won all three times that the two teams came head-to-head this season, (48-29, 40-33 and 49-36) but not by enough to make their victory a sure thing. It’s anybody’s game, especially during the championship playoffs.

Leading the way for the Indians against the Paradise Cougars was Alexis Goodson with 18 points, Lacie Banchio followed with 12 points and MacKenzie Brown served up 9. Ashlynn Bustamante pitched in 4 points and Julieanna Fieldson, Ashlyn Heard and Rylie Botts all scored for GHS.

Bustamante and Goodson both hit two for two on free throws and Brown scored on three out of six free throws.

Brown was on fire picking up 10 rebounds with Goodson solidly gathering up nine. Banchio swooped in to grab five, Fieldson, Heard and Botts all cleaned up three and Bustamante and Solai Pomtong claimed two rebounds each.

Goodson and Bustamante had four personal fouls and Botts had two.

GHS Alexis Goodson elevates toward the basket to score. Photo by Mari Erin Roth

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