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Greenville girls top Chester Vols

Chester boys burn through GHS

What a game! The GHS Indians vs. the Chester Volcano girls on Jan. 23 was one of the best, if not the best, game of the season. The girls have put their all into this rivalry and both teams have been bringing stellar performance to the court when facing one another.

If you’ve missed it, on Dec. 1 the Chester girls beat the Indians 59-41. Then, on Dec. 11, the Indians beat Chester 59-41, that’s right. The final battle last week couldn’t have been any closer as the Greenville girls won by a single point, 60-59. The last minute of the game had more back and forth scoring than some quarters this season.

CHS Chancey Juska led with 15 points, Samantha Miller and Lyric Quinn both scored 12, Ashlyn Olah added 10 and Bailey Redican and Jordan Smith both scored 5. Miller and Olah both had a pair of 3-pointers in their totals.

Greenville was greatly assisted by Alexis Goodson who landed 24 points! Rylie Botts sunk 13, Mackenzie Brown had 9, Lacie Banchio scored 8 points and Ashlyn Bustamante put up 6.

No individual stats were available for the boys’ game, but the quarter scores were 21-13 for CHS then a tight second quarter of 17 points for Chester and 14 for GHS.

Going into the second half 38-27, the Vols pulled off a giant scoring frenzy of 22 points to GHS’ 9. The final quarter marked 15 for Chester and 5 points for GHS for the final victory to the Volcanoes, 75-41.

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