Greenville Indians clean Grizzly hides

The big claws of a Loyalton Grizzly pull on Harlan Savala as he carries the ball for Greenville. Photo by Mari Erin Roth

Loyalton hosted the Greenville Indians on Sept. 22 under clear skies on Gene Moses field for a rousing game of football. GHS made a very big day of it, winning 64-8.

The first pair of touchdowns was split evenly as the teams tied up in the first quarter, but after that measured start the scales tipped completely for the Indians.

GHS touchdowns were scored by Isaiah Hilpert, with three; Colton Lawson, two; and Andrew Putnam and quarterback Tristin Clark each scoring one for the Indians.

With 93 yards passing, Clark led in total GHS yards with 209. Lawson gained 192 and Hilpert added 172 yards toward the Indian goal posts. Garrett Miille had a total of 17 tackles and Trevor Barr took down 10.