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Greenville Little League encouraging local sign-ups

By Meg Upton

  Greenville Little League is open for registration and wants Indian Valley families to sign up as soon as possible.

   They need a good head count on how many players they will potentially have. They also need as many volunteers as possible to make the season happen for the kids who are living in Indian Valley.

   “We aren’t sure what our season will look like, but we’d love to know who is still around and who is still interested in playing,” said a representative posting on their facebook page.

   The Greenville Little League hopes to be able to use the school field for practice and games.

   “We are hopeful that the school field will be cleaned up and we have a good amount of donations to fix and rebuild the Hot Springs Road field. We lost all equipment, so we need to replace that. But we’re hopeful,” said Karisa Joseph a long time volunteer whose children have played and continue to play in Little League.

   The website below explains how to register and costs for registration ($65 per child) and further volunteer opportunities. Parents who cannot afford the registration fee should not give up on registration. Currently there are many entities willing to help Indian Valley children. Contact the Greenville Little League for more information and go to the link below to sign up: https://tshq.bluesombrero.com/Default.aspx?tabid=2058167&fbclid=IwAR0K2sO6uptcou-mic1ujXOjPAB1biUfPih-j_zO-MaCQ83wh2JM-yIYEF8.

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