The Taylorsville Tavern has a new pool — no diving allowed — but it could prove important protection should the fire advance. Photo by Ken Donnell

Greenville man cautiously optimistic; changes focus on Dixie Fire reports

Editor’s note: Ken KD Donnell is a Greenville resident and business owner who has been providing regular updates on life in Indian Valley during the Dixie Fire mandatory evacuation. This is his evening update for July 28. Plumas News greatly appreciates the personal firsthand accounts he has provided. 
By Ken KD Donnell
Special to Plumas News
This will probably be my final daily update message through about local conditions related to the fire fire itself and threats to Greenville  unless the situation changes big time soon. I believe that the situation has become stable enough that my daily input about current conditions is not needed.  
There are plenty of other active sources providing reliable and timely information about the fire. I will continue my daily text reports, and persons wanting to receive these text reports can contact me by text at 530-566-2561.  I also hope to continue writing stories about local heroes during the Dixie Fire and recovery, many of which I hope will be published through .  
I am beginning to shift the focus of my local work from fire preparations and response towards planning to help fire evacuees when they do return to Greenville.  While conditions are much improved, and the weather forecast is favorable, we do remain vulnerable to a flareup from high winds, and I have not heard of any specific date as a possible return for evacuees. But 7 to 10 days from today seems to me to be a reasonable guess.    
Today was another calm day in Greenville and the Indian Valley (IV).  I took my first drive to Taylorsville today since the fire broke out.  Nothing much to report on the North Valley road except seeing multiple law enforcement patrols.  I met Anne Newberg in Taylorsville and she reported a friendly encounter with law patrols while loading up some stuff. The officers were cordial and polite, and just wanted to make certain is was OK for Anne to be there.  This has become a fairly frequent experience for remaining locals.  It is a testament to extensive law enforcement presence now in the IV.  Fortunately no one has reported a negative experience, and everyone is appreciative of the strong law enforcement presence we currently enjoy.
I was in Taylorsville looking to hook up with Dan Kearns to drop off some PA speakers at the Historic Taylorsville Hall, but Dan was busy driving the big red Taylorsville fire truck towards Arlington Road on a rescue mission for chickens and ducks.  I also saw Steve Soots, local band member of Sloop Ricket.  Steve reported that he was keeping the bathrooms open at the Taylorsville pool, and the pool ready as a water source for water tenders, if needed.  I also spoke briefly with Tony Armanino regarding the big pop-up pool of  fire water sitting in front of the Taylorsville Tavern.  I asked Tony if he planned to install a diving board on his porch, but he replied that “his insurance would not allow that.”