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This is the view from in front of Nelz Towne Pump showing active smoke columns being blown from left to right (southwest to northeast). Photo by Ken Donnell

Greenville resident shares latest news from the fire UPDATED

Editor’s note: Greenville resident Ken KD Donnell has been reporting regularly on the Dixie Fire as it impacts his community. Following are his first observations of this morning.

5 p.m. Conditions. High winds from southwest to northeast. High temperatures in upper 90s. Sustained winds of 15 to 20 mph, gusts up to 30. POWER IS OFF.

Fire has been very active all afternoon with steadily increasing winds.

Difficult to determine precise path of fire around Greenville today due to smoke. But it appears that the early winds, which were southeast to northwest, pushed the fire along the ridge parallel to Wolf creek Road. When winds shifted to southwest to northeast in mid afternoon, this appears to have pushed the fire across Wolf Creek Road and toward Highway 89 near the Greenville campground & Willow Creek Road, and also toward Power Line Road, and Williams Valley. Evacuations have been ordered for Williams Valley Road, and this supports my observations regarding fire movement around the north end of Greenville.

There is currently no visible evidence of fire along Hilltop Drive from the vantage point of Main Street.

One interesting note…. along the southwest edge of the fire, where the active fire line has been visible all day… this fire line progressed one half mile towards Round Valley road traveling downslope and against the winds. This fire is that hot and so active.

10:30 a.m.  Conditions. More smoke. Visibility is 1/2 mile. Temps are cool, but rising. Wind is light and variable: 3 to 5 mph. Power is on.

Everything is calm and quiet. Lots of big equipment headed towards Wolf Creek Road. I heard the first train for several days pass through Greenville this morning. This is an excellent sign for how confident firefighters are as they asses the threat along Wolf Creek Road.

Winds are expected to rise in the afternoon. And this calm situation may change quickly. But at this moment, I am gonna rest and get ready for possible fire activity in the p.m.


6:30 a.m. Conditions. Cool temperature, no wind, power is on.

Greenville survived the night OK. I just drove Wolf Creek Road to the county housing apartments, and there was no visible structure damage on either side. Active fire was visible within 100 yards of Wolf creek Road … across the railroad tracks. Fire crews are everywhere.

I drove Round Valley Road up to the cutoff to the lake. All is quiet and no visible signs of fire close by.

Regular and more detailed updates throughout today.

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