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The Spot is now open for business. Photo submitted

Greenville Rising August 25: Pause, Reflect, Celebrate

By Meg Upton

     In Greenville, we are finally getting the visuals we needed to see to really feel like progress is being made and that our town really does have a future. We have The Spot, construction of a couple of homes, a fitness center opening, Hunter’s Pet Corner, our beloved thrift store will soon be back and other such niceties that I doubt any of us will ever take for granted again.

     I can barely keep up with all the photos of progress I’ve been seeing online.

     For me, seeing the new wood sign that says “Greenville Elementary” in place where the other one burned down is just that sign. No matter if not much else is working yet, the sign has been replaced and that’s a good start to the school year.

     The other big sign of amazingness for me was watching a video online of the grand opening of The Spot on family movie night. Seeing all those people out enjoying a good film with friends and neighbors just warms my film-loving, central plaza loving heart. Like a total nerd, I watched that video over a few times and it hit me that what I always loved about California towns created by the Spanish is the plaza architecture that gives community members a place to meet. Towns up in the mountains do not have plazas and weren’t really designed at all—just buildings that sprang up on either sides of the highway. I always disliked that about Greenville—it had no plaza, no pedestrian walkway, no place to organically meet.

     The Spot on Pine Street solves this problem in my heart of hearts, I personally hope that one day Pine Street like Olvera Street in Los Angeles is closed off to cars so that we might have this make shift plaza to always gather.

     Speaking of gathering, while I was convalescing I heard that the grand opening of The Spot was wonderful. Cassie Barr of Indian Head Properties, and major instigator of all things The Spot had this to say:

     “The Grand Opening was amazing! No real hiccups! Movie night was a success with bonfire pits to keep people warm. We have our next meeting on Thursday (August 25) and plan to make a schedule of events and movie night will most likely be a regular event. Saturday we had a great turnout all throughout the day. The bar was hopping all night!” The Spot now has its own facebook page where people can share photos of their time there as well as liking the page. Barr is posting updates there as well.

     And now for some other gatherings to consider. If you have any to report, please send them our way to [email protected].

Greenville Strong Fitness 

     Starting this Saturday morning at the Greenville High School Football Field at 9 a.m. there will be a “Saturday Morning Workout” group exercise class for $5, (introductory price). For more information check out www.greenvillestrongfitness.com.

Indian Valley Community Pool

     The last open swim of the summer is this Saturday, Aug. 27 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Tickets for the Luau Fundraiser will be on sale then.

     Speaking of which, the Annual Indian Valley Community Pool Fundraiser is happening Saturday, Sept. 17 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at The Spot on Pine Street and Hwy 89. Tickets are $20. Sloop Rickett will be providing music. This time around, Crush A Bowl, Two Broke Girls, The Valley Grind, Region Burgers, and Way Baby are participating in providing food options, while the ladies of the Water Aerobics class provide desserts. Call Judy Leland at (650) 942-4948 to buy tickets or for more information.

All Community Meeting 

     Remember a few months ago when there was a Phase 0 meeting regarding what residents felt they wanted and what the character of Indian Valley is? Remember when Tyler Pew got up and said we’d be going through different phases of planning? It’s time for Phase 1 to begin. Save the date for Sept. 16 and 17 all community meeting. It’s a bit of a visionary and planning meeting. Check out the Dixie Fire Collaborative website for more information: www.dixiefirecollaborative.org.



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