Kyra Cedillos gets ready to serve on Tuesday’s home game. Greenville has a girls’ volleyball team once again. Let’s see Indian Valley rally behind this team. Photo by Paloma Garcia-Couoh

Greenville Rising September 21: Fall is Here—Is Downtown Ready?

     It’s no longer blazing hot in downtown Greenville anymore. In one week we’ve gone from summer to fall. With the fall brings fall sports. This year’s sports collaboration means Greenville High School and Plumas Charter School’s Indian Valley Academy have enough players for girls volleyball. Tuesday night saw the girls playing back at the GHS gym.

     It was a busy weekend with the Dixie Fire Collaborative meeting, the Phase 1A design/visioning project (more on this in the November issue of High Country Life), and the annual luau fundraiser for the Indian Valley pool.

      Now it’s getting downright cold. We built our first fire in the fireplace.


      One wonders with the change in weather how that will play out at our gathering place: The Spot. There’s now electricity and something akin to Internet access, but how do we thrive in winter?

     To that end, A Go Fund Me campaign has been started by Alicia Hammerich of Indian Head Properties. The goal amount is $30,000.

     “A few immediate goals are permanent shade/snow shelters for outdoor seating and comfort, a projector and movie screen for monthly outdoor movies, live music, routine monthly costs such as portable toilets, hand washing stations, and ongoing utilities/infrastructure,” wrote Hammerich.

     The idea is that nearly all of us are using this…em…spot and perhaps we should be chipping in to keep it going so we can continually have nice things. I mean at this point we can argue that we have more food options than Quincy!

     Speaking of all things innovation, the Dixie Fire Collaborative meeting on September 17 gave some brief updates regarding ongoing projects as well as some clarification on funding. At the meeting a good chunk of time was spent clarifying that the Dixie Fire Collaborative is under the financial umbrella of the North Valley Community Foundation and not its own fiscal sponsor. In an ideal world, the DFC once recovery is over will cease to exist having put itself out of a job. Representatives also reminded meeting goers that the DFC is a volunteer organization—no one’s pulling a paycheck on this.


     Other less rumorville oriented presentations included the existence of a tool lending library for those needing to rebuild who may not have the tools needed. A report about the Caltrans Streetscape work done prior to the fire and what will take place now was also given (the streetlamps, even sidewalks, and plants in downtown). Plantings will take place soon along with preliminary preparation to continue Streetscapes work down Main Street.

     Kest Porter reported that the Plumas Sierra County Fair’s Innovation Hub have interviewed at least 11 potential business start-ups in Indian Valley. These entrepreneurs’ ideas include events, products made in Indian Valley, and agriculture.


     Stay safe out there with the rain and the mountains sprinkling the highways with rocks.

     Here’s some stuff happening in the valley to mark on your calendars. As usual if you have something to add to the calendar, write in to [email protected].

Flu Shots

     Mark your calendars! The drive-thru flu shots are happening in the parking lot of Indian Valley Clinic on Monday, October 3 between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.


     Save the date September 30 to October 1 at the Spot. More details as they emerge.

Real Estate Vendor Fair

     Also at the Spot from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. this Saturday, September 24. It’s meant for anyon who wants to discuss the ‘ins and outs of how to buy/sell/invest/hold on to real estate in Indian Valley.


     Courtney Gomola is beginning to offer donation-based yoga classes in Indian Valley.

     “Right now we have an (almost!) equinox practice scheduled for Wednesday, September 21 at 6 p.m. at the Taylorsville Historic Hall,” Gomola said.

     She’s hoping for a regular 6 p.m. class on Wednesdays in Taylorsville. There’ll be somewhat regular 6 p.m.; she’s also exploring doing a weekend class in Greenville. Updates are on the Taylorsville bulletin board outside the post office.


Silver Linings

     California Humanities has granted Pachuca Productions to help with the production of Silver Linings in November. If you or someone in your family has a story of resilience that you’d like to share (think in terms of what you learned from the fire about yourself or humanity in the positive), please consider sending your story to us asap. Teachers! This makes an excellent assignment. Deadline October 15 for preliminary drafts. Your  work or questions to [email protected].