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Ashlyn Bustamante makes a run for it as Alexis Goodson closes in Oct. 18 in Greenville. Photo by Anna Lawson

Greenville turns powderpuff to Powerpuff

Greenville students played powderpuff football Oct. 18. The teams were made up of seventh- through 12th-grade girls with no age separation, just a mix of all the girls on both teams. The teams did have names, but they were kept secret. In lieu of names, we can call one the higher scoring team and the other, not.

The higher scoring team was coached by senior football players Harlan Savala and Tony Joseph. The team members were Ashlyn Heard, Christabell Hopkins, Haley Goodson, Lacie Banchio, Ashlyn Bustamante, Kyra Cedillos, Jennessa Jaimes, Morgan Tyler, Emily Smith, Daisy Neer, Stella Balbiani, Destiny Trial and Ema Hampton.

The “not” team was coached by senior football players Rodney Meyer and Andrew Putnam. Team members were Alexis Goodson, Mallory Tyler, Chloe Copland, Julie Fieldson, Kali Banks, Liz Trail, Janae Jaimes, Jordan Hale, Bailey Redican, Juntina Jaimes and Leah Bowers-Cordle.

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