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Grizzlies win battle with Indians, 58-24

Ashlyn Bustamante shoots and scores in Greenville against Redding on Dec. 7. Photo by Mari Erin Roth

The second league game for the Greenville girls basketball team came Jan. 21 as GHS traveled to Loyalton to “wrassle” with the big bears.

The Grizzlies came on strong in the first quarter establishing their territory, 15-5, expanding their lead by the half to 29-12.

Greenville’s biggest quarter was the third when they came closest to matching the Grizzlies scoring, landing 10 points to Loyalton’s 14. That third quarter ended with a hopeful 33-22. Loyalton made their firmest point in the fourth quarter, shutting down the Indian offense to score just 2 points while the Grizzlies racked up 15 to widen their lead for the final score, 58-24.

GHS was led in scoring by senior Ashlyn Bustamante, 14 points. Junior Alexis Goodson added 7 points, junior Lacie Banchio landed a 2-point field goal and sophomore Ashlyn Heard scored 1 point on a free throw.

Bustamante’s score was bolstered by sinking four impressive 3-point shots of the 11 she attempted.

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