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Groundhog Fever Festival goes virtual this year

Since COVID-19 is still hitting the county hard and the vaccination distribution is taking some time, the Quincy Chamber of Commerce has canceled the live Groundhog Fever Festival, however there will be a virtual event.  A virtual Groundhog Fever Festival will be up and playing on YouTube on Saturday, Feb. 6 at 2 p.m. Chuck will be there in all his furry glory and the award of the Honorary Mayor of Quincy will be announced, along with Chuck’s world-famous winter prediction, the announcement of the winner of the mustache contest and more!

How to participate

Want to be part of the video? Come up with a fun contest of your own! The competition must be between your household members, co-workers OR done outside and meet social distancing requirements. Do you have an arm-wrestling state champ in your house? How about a thumb-wrestling queen? Can you balance a spoon on your nose for two full minutes? Have your own pie-eating contest! Whatever it is, make it fun, creative, quirky and zany (but not dangerous!) Take a video of the contest and it might be used in the Groundhog Fever Festival video! Video length must be no more than two minutes. Email the chamber at [email protected] and you’ll receive a DropBox link to submit your video. Video submission deadline is Friday, Jan. 29.

Do you have the biggest, baddest mustache around? If not, want to make one? Well say no more! Submit a photo of your face with your magnificent mustache to [email protected] by Friday, Jan. 22. All photos will be posted to the chamber Facebook page at QuincyCAChamberofCommerce the week of Jan. 25. Judging is by public opinion – the photo with the most likes wins! Two categories to enter: adults and kids. Winners will be announced in the YouTube video. Be sure to include your name, town of residency, email address and category you’re entering in.

Contests are open to Plumas County residents only. Sorry – no prizes other than lots of laughs, some HUGE bragging rights and perhaps becoming a YouTube sensation!

The video will premiere on YouTube on Saturday, Feb. 6 at 2 p.m. The YouTube link will be published the week of Feb. 6. Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel at Quincy CA Chamber of Commerce to receive notification of when videos are available.

Any questions please email [email protected] or call us at (530) 394-0541.


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