New Years 2019 — from left: SashShee Macy Lou, Foxxmo Red Kooper, Princess Tango Kizzy and Benny Mojo Kingston. Photos by

Harmony Ridge Pet Parade does a happy dance

Benny Mojo Kingston.

Harmony Ridge Pet Parade was doing a happy dance while ringing in the New Year, in celebration of an amazing year of accomplished goals for her beloved “4-pack” of Agility Champions!

The Pack attended the TRACS Agility Competition in Rancho Murieta on Dec. 27-30.During the competition, the pups all completed some very significant goals for the year.

Benny Mojo Kingston, a 7-year-old Blue Merle Australian shepherd, received his PACH on Sunday, Dec. 30. This is a huge honor, a Preferred Master of Agility Award.

On Sunday afternoon, Benny and his handler, Johnene McDonald, were handed the traditional jumping pole and TRACS huge, beautiful PACH ribbon, so they could run around the agility ring together in celebration of completing the PACH, to cheering Agility Competitors.  


Foxxmo Red Kooper, a Red Merle Australian shepherd, and Benny’s brother, received his second PACH in October at the RCA Trial in Central Point, Oregon.

Benny Mojo Kingston, with his handler Johnene McDonald, received his PACH on Dec. 30 in Rancho Murieta.

The greater and more exciting news is that he qualified for the AKC National Agility Championships for the second year in a row.The team is considering traveling to Tulsa, Oklahoma, in March 2019 so they can compete together, once again.Last year he came in 12th place in Preferred 16” Division, in Reno.

SashShee Macy Lou, Benny and Foxxmo’s niece, received her title in Excellent Jumpers, which now moves her into the “Big League” of Agility Competition called Masters.Once a dog excels to the Master Division, they can start collecting points for their PACH Award.She will need 20 Double Qualifications and 750 Points for that title and it will probably take a few years for SashShee’s team to get there.She is 3 years old and started competing in Agility Competitions at 15 months old, so she has only been in the game for 1 1/2 years.

Last but not least, PrincessTango Kizzy, a 6-year-old border collie/Aussie mix (BAUSSIE) and the adopted member of the pack, received numerous titles this year and is getting closer to her PACH.She has 22 of the 20 Double Qualifications she needs, but needs about 300 more points to reach the 750 point goal.Tango was adopted after she was “locked up in Plumas Animal Shelter” for destroying a leather couch when she was 3 months old.Tango is a living example that “any dog” can turn into an amazing canine if given enough patience, love and training. 


Johnene McDonald is so proud of her four wonderful pups that she wanted to ring in this New Year with a little “howling” about her canine family. She  sends a huge thank you to Terry Popish of Snowy Pine Dog Training, the Feather River Bulletin and all her beloved PACK followers in Plumas County! Have a Happy New Year and remember to hug and walk, your “four legged best friend” every day!