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He holds strong personal opinions

Thank you, Debra, for a well-written article that shows us that real journalism is still alive in some corners of America.

It is disheartening to find the cancel culture has found its way to Plumas County and resides in our local college. I’ve known Trent for nearly 30 years and, yes, he holds strong personal opinions and convictions of right and wrong. Unlike the cancel culture diligently at work here, Trent does not believe truth can be the halfway point between two untruths.

Pseudo-liberals now monopolize the teaching jobs at most colleges and universities. Only people who agree with them are now appointed as teachers and instructors of the social sciences, and only textbooks supporting their ideas are allowed.

Now, if they have their way, only board members who agree with them will be allowed to serve. Is this truly what we want and what benefits our children’s education?

Frank Stephens

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