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Hidden figure in FRC athletics is an essential part of student-athlete success

Juan Nunez, an athletic trainer at Feather River College, with Goldy the mascot. Photo submitted

In celebration of National Athletic Training Month, Feather River College (FRC) recognizes Juan Nunez for his outstanding commitment to student-athletes and the prevention of injuries.

Juan started at FRC over 20 years ago. He originally came to assist with a football camp and was hired shortly after that. During his tenure, he has treated nearly 2,500 student-athletes. In addition, Juan has taught in the Health and Exercise Studies Program where he has mentored many other students as well. He has empowered students to have hands-on experiences working at games and practices, and providing assistance in the treatment rooms on campus. Many student-athletes and students in the health and exercise program have gone on to pursue careers in athletic training themselves.

When asking Jake Puckett, an Assistant Athletic Trainer at the University of Kansas and former FRC student-athlete, his thoughts on Juan, he had this to say: “Juan has been someone I have looked up to in all aspects of my life. From keeping me healthy as a student-athlete, to being a mentor for me in the Athletic Training profession. Juan has been genuine, trustworthy, and pushed me to be my best. Juan is a true advocate for the profession and wants nothing but the best for his patients and students.”

This recent year has brought its own set of challenges, and Juan has done a tremendous job bringing student-athletes back to campus safely and preparing for competition during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a statement released by the college, Juan is always professional and pragmatic, and is well respected at FRC and in the community of Quincy where he also assists with youth sports. “Bottom line, Juan is a staple of the FRC institution and his influence reaches far beyond those he interacts with daily.”

FRC graduate, Chanae Hackett, has this to say about her experience, “Juan Nunez has made a great impact on my life, not only through teaching, but as a mentor as well. He is passionate about his work and is so influential to those who have learned from him. Juan has created a program for Athletic Training that not only teaches students, but also prepares them for their lives ahead.”

FRC is lucky to have such an amazing athletic trainer, and with that, would also like to introduce and acknowledge Mackenzie Kloft. Mackenzie is a new Athletic Trainer who was hired in the midst of the pandemic and has provided the needed support to Juan and student-athletes. FRC students are in good hands with these two outstanding athletic trainers and Feather River College is proud to call them not only staff, but family!


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