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High fences other considerations in new proposed ordinance

Plumas County residents can now plan on building fences up to seven feet in height without a building permit according to a proposed zoning code change on fences.

Members of the Plumas County Planning Commission approved that change and others during their Thursday, March 8, meeting. A public hearing was held before commissioners voted.

“Some time ago, the California Building code adoption changed the exemption for fences under seven feet in height,” said Assistant Planning Director Becky Herrin.

Plumas County’s change in fence height is in keeping with what the state recommends.

“Other changes to the code were proposed by Charles White, building official, in order to clarify height restrictions,” Herrin said. “These clarifications to the zoning code should ease problems with code enforcement of fence height, while at the same time providing clear guidance for fencing around personal cannabis cultivation sites.”

Creating wildlife friendly fencing is also part of the new zoning code proposal. A fencing guideline for wildlife is now available  in the planning office in Quincy. Plumas County Planning Director Randy Wilson said they looked at wildlife fencing guidelines in Montana and Wyoming and chose the latter. This was done in part because it is so much shorter than the Montana version.

The amendment serves to implement General Plan Policy COS 7.2.9:COS.

Under this plan the county now discourages fencing in rural areas that excludes or is dangerous to wildlife. The exception is when it’s necessary for property protection, human safety, crop protection or domestic animal containment. Any of these conditions is subject to a review and implementation process.

The complete set of proposed fencing changes are available at the Planning Department.

The resolution on the changes will go before the board of supervisors for final approval.

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