High school football games around Plumas County

By Mari Erin Roth

Sportswriter [email protected]


Chester Volcanoes toast the Loyalton Grizzlies, 34-8

The Vols had their first win of the season facing the tough Grizzlies near the bear den Oct. 1 in Loyalton. “There have been many things that we have had to deal with over the past couple of months, some expected, some unexpected,” said CHS head football coach TJ Ragan. “I am proud of how our players have dealt with these and have worked to become a team. We saw this come together this past Friday night. We are looking forward to seeing where we can go from here.”


The next game for the Volcanoes is this Friday, Oct. 8, in Redding with the Lions. The Redding team is boasting three wins and no losses this season.

Plumas County football fans have seen what Chester boys can do when they get warmed up. The 3-game trend this season shows the direction CHS is headed. The first game was lost to the Tulelake Honkers, 32-8, on Sept. 17. The second game showed the Vols gaining momentum on the tough Burney Raiders Sept. 24 losing 42-25. In that game the Volcanoes matched the Raiders in the first quarter, both scoring a single TD. The teams shadowed each other again in the second quarter, both scoring 2 TDs, with Burney landing both extra point attempts but the Volcanoes fell behind by a single point after missing one, 20-19. The Raiders took advantage of the single-point lead after the half to score two touchdowns and a pair of 2-point conversions to match. The Chester boys rallied touchdown for a touchdown in the final quarter with the Raiders in the final quarter but could not recoup the runaway third period to take back the game. And now, the Volcanoes burned through the Loyalton Grizzlies last Friday, 34-8.  Watch out Redding.

Quincy Trojans march over Weed Cougars, 21-17

Stats on the Quincy/Weed game are not yet in but the winning score is good news for the Trojans.


Last week, Sept. 24, the Quincy team lost in McArthur to the Fall River Bulldogs, 37-0. The home team scored two touchdowns and completed both 2-point conversion plays attempted in the first quarter, 18-0. The Bulldogs were held to a single TD in the second quarter for a 22-0 lead. In the third quarter, Fall River scored two more TDs with one extra point kick and a 2-point conversion play for an increased lead, 37-0. Quincy and Fall River defensive teams held fast the entire final quarter to freeze the scoreboard through to the end of the game.

Los Molinos came to Feather River College Sept. 10 to take home a victory from the Trojans, 36-12. Both teams made their mark on the scoreboard in the first quarter; Quincy with a TD and Los Molinos with a TD and 2-point conversion, 8-6. The Trojans scored again in the second quarter, but the Bulldogs increased their lead adding two touchdowns and two extra points, 22-12. Only Los Molinos scored in the second half of the game. The Bulldogs added a TD and 2-point conversion in the third quarter and were limited by the Trojans to just a touchdown in the final quarter. Or maybe Los Molinos just got tired.

These two loses for the Trojans are now sandwiched by a pair of victories (QHS won their first game of the season with Golden Sierra Sept. 3 by score of 34-22) as the Trojans travel to Portola for the only rivalry game of this season. Quincy will challenge the neighboring Tigers in Portola Oct. 8 at 7:30 p.m. (As of today, Oct. 5, QHS has suspended football practice and games until contact tracing due to COVID can be completed.)

Portola Tigers lose to Los Molinos Bulldogs, 52-7


The Tigers challenged the Bulldogs in the first quarter of the game with a touchdown and successful extra point at the home game in Portola Oct. 1. Los Molinos didn’t just sit back and watch the Tigers score though, they put up two TDs of their own matched with two successful 2-point conversion plays and just kept on rolling from there. The first quarter score was 18-7. The Bulldogs scored 18 again in the second quarter but were held to just one TD and a 2-point conversion in quarters three and four but that was plenty for the landslide final score or 52-7.

The Etna Lions beat Portola Tigers, 8- 6, last week in an away game and Sept. 17 the Tigers lost to the Oregon Lakeview Honkers, 22-13. The Tigers started the season off Sept. 3 with a win hosting the Foresthill Wildfires, 27-20, and then lost their second game of the season, Sept. 10 in Hamilton, 20-14 to the Braves. The big rivalry game with the Quincy Trojans takes place this coming Friday, Oct. 8, in Portola starting at 7:30 p.m.

Chester and Quincy experienced many hard knocks of bad luck and circumstance during the abbreviated mini spring season of 2021 that was the pacifier for missed fall 2020 games in Plumas County. Portola on the other hand had a spectacular display spring 2021 considering all the variables that affected games.


Plumas County High School and College Football scores and schedule



Portola Tigers 27, Foresthill Wildfires 20

Quincy Trojans 34, Golden Sierra Grizzlies 22


Hamilton Braves 20, Portola Tigers 14

Los Molinos Bulldogs 36, Quincy Trojans 12


Tulelake Honkers 32, Chester Volcanoes 8

Lakeview Honkers 22, Portola Tigers 13


Burney Raiders 42, Chester Volcanoes 25

Etna Lions 8, Portola Tigers 6

Fall River Bulldogs 37, Quincy Trojans 0


Quincy Trojans 21, Weed Cougars 17

Los Molinos Bulldogs 52, Portola Tigers 7

Chester Volcanoes 34, Loyalton Grizzlies 8


7 p.m. Chester Volcanoes at Redding Christian with Lions

7:30 p.m. Home Rivalry game: Portola Tigers vs. Quincy Trojans at Portola High School


7 p.m. Portola Tigers at Maxwell with the Panthers

7 p.m. Home game: Quincy Trojans vs. Etna Lions at Feather River College

6 p.m. Chester Volcanoes at Westwood with Lumberjacks


6 p.m. Home game: Chester Volcanoes vs. Tulelake Honkers at Chester High School


7:30 p.m. Home game: Portola Tigers vs. Fall River Bulldogs at Portola High School

7 p.m. Quincy Trojans at Los Molinos with the Bulldogs


6 p.m. Chester Volcanoes in Burney with Raiders

5:30 p.m. Home game: Portola Tigers vs. Weed Cougars at Portola High School

7:30 p.m. Home Game: Quincy Trojans vs. Biggs Wolverines at Feather River College Stadium


7:30 p.m. Portola Tigers at Biggs with Wolverines

7 p.m. Home game: Quincy vs. Maxwell at Feather River College Stadium