High Sierra Music Festival postponed until 2022

For the second year in a row, the High Sierra Music Festival is cancelled due to the pandemic. There had been some discussion about postponing it until later in the year, but ultimately organizers have decided to wait until 2022 when the event will return to Quincy from June 30 to July 3.

Following is the statement posted on the High Sierra Musical Festival website:

Here is what we know:  case counts, positivity rates, hospitalizations, and COVID deaths have decreased drastically in recent weeks. As vaccination distribution increases, we are witnessing restrictions being lifted around Plumas County, the state of California and the country at a really encouraging pace. Things that were unthinkable a few months ago are now either a reality or just within reach.

What we don’t know:  state and local guidelines have yet to address large general admission events. All the guidance to date references fixed and pod seating, limited entertainment time frames, and limits on radius and distance of attendee from place of residence to the event.


We have waited just about as long as we can to see how current trends and progress with the pandemic may affect our ability to hold the event.  However, because of the lead time we need to produce High Sierra, we simply can’t plan production of the festival under the guidelines that currently exist, and don’t know at this time whether it’s feasible to postpone to a later date this year. For these reasons, we have decided to postpone again, and bring back High Sierra in 2022 in its full unfettered self, as it should be, on July 4th weekend.

No one is more disappointed than we are. We’re humbled and honored by those of you who have held on to your tickets thus far.  So many of us in the festival business including the musicians, our staff, craft and food vendors, as well as the local businesses are hurting as this pandemic drags onto its second year. With that in mind, we ask you to please hang on yet one more year for those dreams of sunshine, late nights,  and sunrise kickball to be realized. No further action is necessary.  For those who absolutely can’t, we will offer a refund request period through April 18Click here for details.

Stay safe and hope to see you ALL next summer!

~The High Sierra Mgmt Team