Highway 70 thru the Canyon to reopen June 28; several areas of one-way traffic

Highway 70, between the Greenville Wye and Jarbo Gap, will reopen to through traffic on Wednesday, June 28 at 7 a.m. One-way traffic control will be in place 24/7 at the slide location, just east of Belden, at post mile 15.2. Motorists should plan for up to 30 minute delays at this location.

Motorists planning to travel through this corridor should be aware that while the roadway will be reopened, there are several other projects underway with one-way traffic control in the area. Currently, if traveling between the Greenville Wye and Jarbo Gap, motorists can expect to see total delays of up to an hour and a half. Caltrans District 3 is also performing blasting operations in the Cresta area which includes a full highway closure. For more information about this work, please visit the Caltrans District 3 Facebook pageor use QuickMap.dot.ca.gov.

State Route 70 has been closed between the Greenville Wye and Jarbo Gap since Jan. 9 due to major rockslides, mudslides, and an avalanche. This year California was hit with historic winter weather, causing unprecedented activity in the Highway 70 corridor as recently as June 11, when 13 slides occurred after a storm moved over the area. Caltrans and the contractor, Hat Creek Construction & Materials, Inc., have worked tirelessly to reopen this route for the traveling public while also keeping the crews safety in mind.

2 thoughts on “Highway 70 thru the Canyon to reopen June 28; several areas of one-way traffic

  • Thank God ! Geesh ! With the High Sierra Music Festival this weekend, closure would have created a haeluva mess for people wanting to get up to Quincy. Thank You CalTrans : >)

  • The question is; will it ever end? Will there ever be a permanent fix, or will Quincy residents be forever relegated to having to travel way out of their way to get to Chico/Iroville?

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