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Highway 89 closure Friday night

Highway 89 between Indian Falls and the Arlington intersection (before Crescent Mills) will be closed from 7 p.m. on Friday evening, March 3, until 7 a.m. on Saturday morning, March 4. Caltrans will be using the time to install a culvert. The California Highway Patrol stresses that this will be a hard closure meaning ZERO traffic will be able to pass through during this period. The south closure will be located in the Indian Falls area instead of at the Greenville Wye. It is anticipated that this will be the only closure of its type and that at some point next week traffic control will be limited to day time hours only.

6 thoughts on “Highway 89 closure Friday night

  • Check your dates

    • Double checked and triple checked.

  • Why a Friday night, when there are events in Quincy that folks from Chester & Greenville will want to attend? Two art openings, and a fundraising concert at the West End Theater……

    • Caltrans wanted to choose a night that would be least disruptive to the general public and was targeting a weekend night. Originally, discussion centered around Saturday night, but the forecast for this weekend has changed, with precipitation expected.

  • When a major road closes it will be an inconvenience to someone no matter what day or time it happens. How about a thank you to Joy Construction and Cal Trans for working long cold hours so the road can be open as often as possible. Mother Nature closed the highway when the entire hillside came down on not only the road, but a tractor and it’s operator, nearly sweeping them over the edge. Still they went back to work the very next morning. So thank you guys!

  • DITTO-Anne !

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