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Hit and run in Greenville

An unknown person hit a vehicle parked at 300 Main St. near the Rosewater Cafe in Greenville yesterday. The owner of the 2014 Toyota that was hit was eating lunch at the cafe at approximately 12:45 p.m., June 10. Witnesses told him that his vehicle had been struck, causing damage to the rear bumper. The other vehicle backed away after the collision and proceeded west on Main Street then turned right and fled the scene northbound on Highway 89.

Witnesses describe the vehicle as a late 1990s or 2000s Chevy or Dodge extra cab, mid-size pickup with a shell and California license plates. The pickup and shell are matching green or teal in color and the paint finish is neither faded nor blemished. There were no readily identifiable marks, and it has stock wheels. Witnesses described the vehicle as familiar and likely from the area. The vehicle sustained minor damage to the right front headlight and turn assembly and possibly the right front fender. The driver was described as an older, white male.

A witness and individuals from the California Highway Patrol and Plumas County Sheriff’s Office attempted to catch the fleeing vehicle, but it had turned off Highway 89 sometime prior to Canyon Dam.

Persons with information about this collision should contact the Quincy office of the California Highway Patrol at 530-283-1100.

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