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Honorary mayor contest supports outdoor theater


By Mari Erin Roth

Staff Writer

[email protected]


The traditional Quincy Honorary Mayoral presentation, turned fundraising mayoral race 2023, brought in $5,570.89 to help build Quincy an outdoor theater. The presentation and announcement of a successful campaign was announced at 2 p.m. on the Plumas County Courthouse lawn Feb. 4 in front of a community of supporters. The original idea for the Outdoor Theater Project came from Quincy High School Alum Tristan McMichael back in 2019. The teenage music enthusiast hatched the idea as his senior project.

“It was fun!” said McMichael. “I’m thankful for Plumas Performing Arts allowing us to use their online Square donation platform as well as to Quincy Grocery Outlet, the Toy Store, the Rotary Club of Quincy, and the Drunk Brush for being sponsoring organizations as well as Adam Mazzella, Valerie Flanigan, Mari Erin Roth, Red Powell, and Matt Kitchens for being candidates. Additionally, I am extremely thankful for Mike Miller taking on this fundraiser in person while I helped with online donations and outreach from afar.”

“Chef Mike” Miller assisted the additional fundraising by coming up with the idea to turn the annual Quincy Honorary Mayor award given at Quincy’s Groundhog Festival into a fundraiser. “It started out tough to get anyone interested enough to nominate candidates, but once the ball got rolling it was great,” said Miller. “Adam (Mazzella, co-owner of Grocery Outlet) started out with a large $500 donation that people thought was insurmountable.”

The Brush wine bar sponsored former Quincy High School history teacher, Red Powell, who ended up with the Honorary Mayor title by recieving the greatest number of votes, a whopping 3,076. “(He) brought his wonderful reputation, personality, and the community love and respect, and literally ran away with the race,” said Miller. “The candidates all contributed to the initial success of the project, each adding a personal touch to make it interesting and fun.”

Miller thanked Feather Publishing for the press coverage, and their candidate, yours truly, Mari Erin Roth.

Candidate “Matt (Kitchens, owner of The Toy Store) was my go between with the chamber to switch the selection of Honorary Mayor from being a committee selection to being a fundraising election and provided a lot of moral support and encouragement to me at the beginning and throughout the entire event,” said Miller. “Valerie Flanagan was encouraged to run by Dave Kitchens and also provided incredible assistance to me for the Candidates Night with open mic as well as her moral support.”

Candidates Night was a group event held at Quincy Elks to raise additional funds Jan. 23. Candidates were on hand for personal discourse, with donation jars in hand, while hors d’oeuvres, drink and open mic entertained all present. “It was a real reward getting to know the candidates and their families a little better,” said Chef Mike. “I would like to thank Dave and Glenda Kitchens, Mike Flannigan, Tara Mazzella, the Rotary Club, the Elks Lodge, the Plumas Performing Arts board members, Amber McMichael, the candidates, and all the others who gave a helping hand to make this project a success.”  And of course, all those who voted with their dollars to support the effort.

Red Powell receives the key to the town of Quincy as he is named Honorary Mayor at the 2023 Groundhog Festival on the courthouse steps Feb. 4. From left, Quincy Honorary Mayor 2022 John Kolb, 2023 co-master of ceremonies Wayne Bauer, and Quincy Honorary Mayor, Red Powell. Photo by Amber McMichael



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