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Hospital implements precautions during flu season

In an effort to keep the flu in check, Eastern Plumas Health Care wants to limit the number of people coming into the acute and skilled nursing areas to visit patients and residents.

Family and friends of residents will be required to wear masks and wash their hands. These precautions are meant to protect all of the patients and hospital staff, but especially the more vulnerable hospital patients and skilled nursing residents.

The emergency room, lab and radiology will be open as usual. There are no special precautions required in the lobby or in those areas.

Loyalton skilled nursing

A new temporary boiler and backup forced air heaters are being installed at EPHC’s Loyalton skilled nursing facility. State requirements are causing some delays, and the state inspector (who has to sign off on the project before residents can return to the Loyalton facility) is on vacation until after Christmas.

Eastern Plumas Health Care’s goal is to have residents home in Loyalton sometime this week. “We are doing our best given weather delays and state requirements,” said Tom Hayes, the health care organization’s chief executive officer.

In the meantime Loyalton skilled nursing home residents continue in their temporary residence on the acute wing of the Portola hospital and in the Portola skilled nursing facility.

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