Scholarship recipients, parents and the committee. Back row from left: Steve Coelho, Claire Coelho ($500 award), Tonia Sherman, Jasmin Sherman ($1,000 award), Jack Kuipers ($2,500 award) and John Kuipers. Front from left: Judy Ely, Inge Stone, Brenda Lantow and Gloria Boland. Photos submitted

Hospital volunteers announce scholarship awards

The Plumas District Hospital Volunteers announced three scholarship winners June 6: Jack Kuipers, $2,500; Jasmin Sherman, $1,000; and Claire Coelho, $500.

In addition, the hospital recognized the volunteer group (as a whole) for over 7,000 hours donated to support PDH programs.

PDHV members were recognized for reaching individual milestones for donated hours. Volunteers reaching the 50-hour milestone during the 2018-2019 fiscal year were: Thelma Dyrr, Carol Merritt, Inge Stone, Brenda Lantow, Judy Ely, Grace Lewis, Linda Busselen and Carla Hamilton.

Reaching the 75-hour milestone:  Kimberly Pilkington, Irene Walkenmeyer, Mary Edwards, Mary Miles and Gayle Higgins.

Reaching the 100-hour milestone: Sue Harlan, Sue Miller, Linda Leonhardt, Gloria Boland, Julie Frazier, Kathy Price and Linda Hardy.

Reaching the 150-hour milestone: Marilyn Christensen, Kathy Taylor, Eileen Reinhart and Sheila Leonhardt.

Reaching the 200-hour milestone: Gayle Anderson, Linda Little, Barbara Vineyard, Sherri McConnell and Susan Peters.

Reaching the 300-hour milestone:  Kathy Cotter. 

Reaching the 400-hour milestone: Donna Griffin, Rita Christensen, Sam Pence.

Reaching the 500-hour milestone: Denise Pyper.

Reaching the 1,000-hour milestone: De Brubaker.