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Ideal conditions prevail at Bucks Lake

Compiled by Mari Erin Roth

Sports Writer [email protected]


Bucks Lake

The road is clear up to Bucks although caution is required for icy patches here and there. The pressure is low on the lake and fishermen, and women, have their pick of spots throughout. Fish are found deeper as the water temperatures drop. There is no ice yet on the lake, but those days are quickly approaching. “And it’s gorgeous,” said Rebecca Guereque up at the lodge. “People are coming up and getting in on all the good stuff.” That would be good weather, good fishing, and incredible scenery. The lodge is open on the weekends from noon until 5 p.m. for food, fishing supplies and beverages.

Lake Almanor

Lake level increased fractionally since last week. A small amount of precipitation fell this past week and there is nothing in the forecast for the next seven days. Morning temps are in the high 20s and daytime highs are reaching into the 50s. After that, forecasts are for another week of the same. Water temps are in the high forties (47.5 today).

“Both USFS public ramps remain closed, hazardous trees around Canyon Dam have been removed and I have not seen any activity at the ramp in the past week,” said John Crotty of Almanor Fishing Association. Plumas Pines is still allowing launching at their facility.

“I went out fishing today, starting along the East shore by the dam, we picked up a few fish slow-trolling gulps and crawlers,” said Crotty. “We pulled up gear, went to Dorado and picked up two fish before we headed to the A-frame where we caught a couple more.  There was bait and fish in all three areas. We were just covering water searching for concentrations of fish. All of the fish we hooked were between fifteen-twenty feet deep on the wire in water between 30-40’. The fish we caught were in great shape and hard fighting.”

Shore fishing has slowed at Hamilton branch, and has picked up in the coves. As water temps continue to drop, and the area receives some weather, the cove fishing will only get better. Access is the issue; fishermen will have to park in wide spots along Highway 89 and walk in.

There are no changes to road conditions; there is no estimated opening date for highway 70 in the canyon.

Eagle Lake

“I fished Eagle Lake with friends yesterday, we managed to land a dozen fish,” said John Crotty. “The fish we caught were in great shape with a few over four pounds. We caught the majority of our fish on Jay Fair trolling flies in the top ten feet of the water column. The road was a little slick as you crest the hill on State Route 1 and we were able to launch my boat without issue.”

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