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Incumbents and others enter the race for county supervisors

The upcoming race for two supervisorial candidates is getting crowded. Three candidates for District 3 and three for District 5 have collected their papers to begin gathering signatures-in-lieu of filing fees.

This is just the beginning stage of the candidates’ process for the election on June 5.

District 3 incumbent Sherrie Thrall has collected her “in-lieu” paperwork, and now most recently, District 5 incumbent Jeff Engel has also collected his paperwork.

Other potential candidates still have plenty of time to file their “in-lieu” paperwork, as the last day to file in lieu is not until Feb. 22.

Thrall will be running against at least two other candidates. Joseph Maumoynier and Michael Nashland, both from Chester, will be collecting signatures to help support their candidacy.

Engel will be up against Gold Mountain developer Margaret Garner and Clio resident Timothy Driscoll.

If elected, it will be Engel’s second term as supervisor. Engel is also currently the chair of the board. He is a general engineering contractor and has worked in Graeagle for 36 years as a business owner. He credits his business prowess for his understanding of the main issues that the county faces.

He says some of his goals, if reelected, would be to focus on recreation in the county for job making opportunities, and to balance the county’s budget. He is also a strong supporter of hiring a county administrative officer to help with day-to-day decisions that can dominate board members’ time.

The signatures in-lieu-of filing fees does not officially declare a candidate’s intention to run for supervisor, though it does help the process. The first day that candidates can file their declaration for intention is Jan. 30. The last day would be March 9, since both incumbents plan on running.

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