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The Mountain Maidu way of life intrigued Weston Cogel and Luke Fleming. Photo By Andrea Singer

Indian Valley Charter School students give presentations on museum artifacts 

By Andrea Singer

[email protected]

Indian Valley Charter School students from Mrs. McIntyre’s third through fifth-grade class took a private tour of the Indian Valley Museum in April, where they sought out interesting artifacts, people or places to write informative essays about. On May 1 the students returned to the museum to present their essays to the volunteers who helped them, with topics ranging from local historical sites to antique jewelry and the ways of the Mountain Maidu. 

  After their initial visit (when they chose the topic of their informative essay) the students returned to their classroom, where they began an exploration into their chosen topics, using multiple sources (including the internet) to research the subject matter. Lucky to have a support system through the museum volunteers (who graciously donated their time and knowledge), the children then had the opportunity to revisit the museum and tour historical properties, including the Taylorsville Creamery, allowing the children to experience firsthand the places that caught their interest and giving them the opportunity to photograph and document the inside of the buildings that before they had only imagined. 

The students brought their finished essays to the meeting room of the museum where they presented them to the volunteers who had helped them and a handful of local homeschool students. This experience was not only beneficial to the students, giving them an opportunity to step back in time and experience the Taylorsville they know and love in a new light, but also to the community members who were  thrilled to share their passion with the next generation. 

If you are a history buff, the IVCS students encourage you to follow suit and tour the Indian Valley Museum, where you are bound to find something that strikes your fancy!

Mrs. McIntyre’s students from left: Roran Reid, John Schramel, Cody Bentz, Garret Beatty, Luke Fleming, Weston Cogle and Caleb Pew. Photo by Andrea Singer
Caleb Pew studies the history of the typewriter. Photo by Andrea Singer
This antique locket bracelet caught the eye of Roran Reid. His presentation consisted of the history of the Swastika symbol and where he imagined this heirloom came from originally. Photo By Andrea Singer

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