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Indian Valley Community Services District: An End of the Year Update

   The last couple of Indian Valley Community Services District meetings have indicated that after a bleak outlook in late summer, early fall, some key changes and a few grant awards may be turning the prospects around for the beleaguered district.


  On November 23, IVCSD was awarded $2.3 million by the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) to fund the Greenville water pipeline replacement project. This was in conjunction with nearly $400,000, which has already been awarded to the district through the Upper Feather River IRWM, and will allow the district to replace the vast majority of Greenville’s problematic water lines. This includes lines damaged both in the fire and because of years of deferred maintenance. The IVCSD plans for construction to begin in 2023.

   The county has also submitted a grant proposal on behalf of IVCSD for a federal BRIC (Building Resiliency in Communities) grant, which would cover a study of Round Valley Reservoir and how it can be used to increase resiliency against future natural disasters.

FEMA Projects and Other Projects

   The District is making progress with its FEMA projects — most notably the IVCSD is going to be proposing an alternate project to FEMA for the Greenville water treatment plant, rather than rebuilding the current plant. At meetings this fall, it was discussed among board members and recommended by utility operations manager Mike Sundby, that an alternate plan be considered given the costs of future staffing at such a plant. Generally, the reservoir water is not used for drinking water.

   “We are looking at increasing our water storage capacity as well as building an additional well with high-capacity pumps,” said Cox.

   In Crescent Mills, the IVCSD is pursuing a grant from the State Water Resources Control Board (“Water Board”) to replace the Crescent Mills water treatment plant.

   Design plans for the new fire station are currently underway and are expected to be submitted to the County for review and approval within the next month, according to the general manager. The new fire station, as reported on previously, will be built to accommodate the Indian Valley Fire Department as well as the IVCSD offices, the Plumas District Hospital ambulance service, and the Plumas County Sheriff Department.

   The IVCSD is also collaborating with local community members to design a major renovation of the Greenville Park and will soon be putting a capital improvement plan together for the Clay Park and the Indian Valley Community Pool in Taylorsville.

   Lastly, the IVCSD continues to work with its legal counsel in its litigation against PG&E.



  Since mid-November, the IVCSD office is back open during business hours. It was also able to hire locally for field positions and to train employees to become certified in their fields.

  “A really bright note for us is we are now fully staffed in the field and in the office and are focused on providing reliable service as well as outstanding customer service,” said General manager Adam Cox.

   After a tumultuous year and a half of so many staff and board member changes—which required a huge learning and history curve, the IVCSD seems to finally be back on course.

   “I can say that it feels like things are really starting to move and we will definitely see the fruits of this work start to appear in 2023,” said Cox.

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