Indian Valley Museum seeks stories for Living History Project

By Meg Upton

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Indian Valley Museum is seeking submissions  for stories about what lockdown during 2020 (and now) was/is like for residents of Plumas County.

Last fall, Indian Valley Museum in Taylorsville, (also known as Mt. Jura Gem and Museum Society), published an article in Plumas News inviting Plumas County residents to submit their stories, pictures, comments, and life experiences of living through the challenges faced during 2020.


“We had so much to endure with COVID, the fires, and presidential election.  As we continue to navigate through this difficult pandemic period in 2021 many more of us have come to find ways of coping and making the best of what we have had to deal with.  These life experiences have been felt heavily by our youth, elders, families and friends,” said Vicki Schneider, the Living History Museum Booklet chairperson and a board director with Mt. Jura Gem and Museum Society.

“The Indian Valley Museum continues to reach out to everyone who would like to tell their story.  It needs all of us — all ages, all races, all backgrounds, all living though this time apart and together,” said Schneider.

The project gives residents the opportunity to share for posterity what it was like to live through this time period. What was it like for residents to have schools shut down? Restaurants? What was it like to work from home or to be out of work altogether? What was it like not to be able to go to prom? To bury a loved one without a public funeral? Residents who participate are offering up useful information and experience for future generations who want to look back at this time in decades to come.

“It’s a chance for you to bring your voice to the forefront,” said Schneider.


The museum will use these stories to compile a booklet of memories for 2020 and the county living through this historical event of a lifetime.

Interested participants should submit their thoughts and memories, pictures and comments via mail to Mt. Jura Gem and Museum Society, P. O. Box 194, Taylorsville, CA 95983. The museum is accepting submissions through June 30, 2021.

Questions regarding the project can can be directed to either the museum’s project chairperson, Vicki Schneider at Schneider-vil[email protected] directly to the museum at [email protected].

Indian Valley Museum in Taylorsville wants your story of life during COVID. Museum volunteers Terry and Sherilyn Schwartz are shown flanking the museum sign.