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Indian Valley relief for Camp Fire

Call it self-reliance. Call it being neighborly. Call it reaching out to one’s fellow humans. Indian Valley knows fire and knows the danger.

Last week residents of Indian Valley took it upon themselves to coordinate various relief efforts for victims of the Camp Fire. Some Indian Valley residents have family and friends effected by the fires and sought to help them specifically.

Others want to do something other than to just watch fire updates on social media and TV news and websites. They wanted to help complete strangers and be neighborly about it.

There are reports that a number of Indian Valley residents have taken in family members and strangers alike who are survivors of the Camp Fire onto various properties up here in the valley.

While this is not a complete list, here are some of the relief efforts that are known.

Suzette Demery Reed organized a drive of donations at the Taylorsville Post Office. Jeff Glover drove a horse trailer piled from floor to ceiling down to Feather Falls where there’s a shelter area taking in survivors and donations Thursday, Nov. 15.

Ken Donnell of Greenville, loaded up his trailers with goods and medical supplies donated by neighbors and friends and brought them directly to the people camped out at the Wal-Mart parking lot in Chico.

Rikki Taddei reported on social media that St. Anthony’s church in Greenville was a collection point. The Greenville Wellness Center is a collection site, too.

Tom and Reina Rogers and their family of Feather River Properties collected. Indian Valley Fire Department was another collection site. Indian Valley Thrift Store.

Mt Huff Gold Course provided free camp spots and collected donations.

Evergreen Market donated a generous amount of food and toiletries towards relief efforts.

Students at both Indian Valley Academy and Greenville High School led relief collection efforts. Indian Valley Elementary was doing a drive as well.

Individuals who helped with these collections of donated items included Vanessa Garcia, Tina Rogers, Jenn Meyers, Nicki Rodriguez, Lucas Giese and Tony Balbiani. So many others were involved, too.

At press time, most official organizations in the relief efforts are saying they are full up of donations of clothes but that toiletries, hygiene products, diapers (adult and baby) and animal food are still great donations to consider as well as gift cards.

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