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Indian Valley residents start ‘Save Our Schools’ petition

By Meg Upton

   Residents in Indian Valley concerned about the future of Indian Valley schools have started a effort called “Save Our Schools” petition. It’s addressed to the Plumas Unified School District Board, the Plumas County Office of Education Foundation Board, and the Plumas Charter School Board.

   “As residents of Indian Valley, we would like to have a say in how the issue of educating our students is handled given the recent revelations about GHS programming offerings,” begins the petition. The residents want three things: 1) House both high school programs (PUSD/PCS) on the Greenville High School campus. 2) All our students should have access to in person A-G classes (classes required for college) as well as any CTE or elective classes and extracurricular activities that are offered, including but not limited to: sports, band, shop, agricultural science and culinary arts. 3) The Greenville High School facilities are maintained in good operational order.

   The residents go on to state what they know of the current school situation. “Given the current budget concerns of PUSD regarding GHS, the importance of keeping one of our last remaining buildings in town, (paid for with public funds) open, the availability of talented local teaching staff, the existence of an alternative education program willing to meet the needs of our local student body, the $2 million dollars in funding provided by a settlement to meet the needs of Dixie Fire survivor students, the predominance of which reside in Indian Valley, and our community has just lost most of our town and are trying to rebuild.”

   The residents came up with their own proposal for how they think both the PGE money should be saved and spent and how to move forward.

   The PG&E $2 million they’d like to see set aside in an interest bearing account with the purpose of that interest being used for the sole purpose of facilitating the Greenville campus to provide education for Indian Valley students.

   They’d like to see PUSD provide a seven-year lease agreement for PCS to occupy a portion of GHS campus for the intent purpose of providing accessible classes to any students who wish to attend. In addition, the lease agreement would charge PCS a reasonable annual rate with the remainder of costs for the facilities provided by the interest on the $2 million.

   “As such, the amount PUSD will be paying to keep GHS open will be a small fraction of the current amount the PUSD administration has told us PUSD is losing on the Greenville site and should be much more sustainable in the long run for the PUSD organization,” states the petition.

   The petition also acknowledges the fire damage and states, “PUSD will bring the existing GHS building and facilities up to satisfactory safety standards for housing in-person classes for the students.”

  And finally,   “We want the PUSD administration and school board to support the teachers and staff to create a new system that will foster both school programs to mutually benefit one another. We want all our students to have access to both programs’ offerings. This new system will be designed with the long-term goal of retaining the PCS program as well as allowing the PUSD to grow their ag sciences CTE program.”

   They’ve asked that the entire arrangement and agreement be reviewed annually in a public forum and that the lease be revisited in seven years with public input.

   Hard copies of the petition are being circulated by Lindsey Buis-Kelley, Kest Porter, and Dan Kearns to be brought to the public school meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, June 21.

5 thoughts on “Indian Valley residents start ‘Save Our Schools’ petition

  • Excuse my ignorance as to the difference of tract in a charter school vs. a typical PUSD public school; I honestly have no idea. However, what you are proposing with sports, sharing the same building, same activities for social enrichment, etc. wouldn’t it make more sense to just disband the charter school and have all the students enroll in typical public school? That would be the simplest way to address your demands.

  • I agree fully with the “Save Our School” petition. Is there somewhere online that we can sign it?

  • I agree with KW. Our valley is too small to support both the Charter School and GHS. The silent majority would like to see our GHS thrive and grow, yet the Charter School has campaigned to siphon students with the lure of fewer, shorter days per week, a shorter school year, and an easier curriculum taught by some uncredentialed teachers. Previously, when Sue’s Charter School operated out of the high school, it didn’t work and caused friction & division. Disband the Charter School and all work together to strengthen GHS!

    • All the teachers at PCS are credentialed. Enrollment is based on work accomplished not attendance (which is why shorter days per week). Curriculum is not easier and since most high school charter students dual enroll at FRC one could argue the curriculum is actually more difficult not less. I had one kid in each system so that’s the experience I’m using here.

  • I like this new system, and I think it will enhance a student’s education. I commend the parents and all those who accomplished this plan for getting it done for the betterment of the children in Indian Valley.
    This is how America works!

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