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Indian Valley residents: Time to remain vigilant

Editor’s note: Greenville resident and businessman Ken Donnell has been keeping residents apprised of what’s been happening during the mandatory evacuation of Indian Valley. But the mandatory order was lifted today, and he is worried that some residents might be taking the situation too lightly as they return to the valley. The area remains under an evacuation warning, meaning that resident need to remain cautious and be prepared to leave again. 

Plumas News spoke with Sheriff Todd Johns this evening about 9:15 p.m. and he said that residents need to be vigilant. There was a one-acre spot fire tonight outside of the containment lines above Round Valley and crews have it surrounded. There also is active fire within the perimeter, and Sheriff Johns reminds all residents that they remain under an evacuation warning. 

By Ken KD Donnell

Conditions: Bad fire weather with variable swirling winds.

I have received a highly reliable report that the fire north of Round Valley has spotted towards Greenville. This fire is active and has jumped containment lines. I am confident crews can contain this spot fire, but the situation in Greenville is now more fragile than ever.

If you have returned, please drive as little as possible, and only within Greenville or the North Valley Road. Please do not drive to Quincy or Chester unless an emergency. We need these roads clear for fire traffic.

This is not a joke. This is not a drill. This is a disaster at our doorstep. Be safe. Be smart. Be ready to re-evacuate on a moment’s notice.

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