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Indian Valley salutes its active service people

     This Veteran’s Day weekend we are celebrating our young active duty soldiers serving so far from home. For mothers across the valley, this hits hard in holiday season, but they all seemed very proud of their children serving the country from all sorts of places around the world.

     The backbone of all branches of the American military is rural high school graduates entering adult life into towns without a wide variety of job prospects. Rural California, and our little neck of the woods, is no different. Here’s a list of servicemen and service women we received at Plumas News. We’re sure there are some missing, but these are relatively recent graduates of Greenville High School and Indian Valley Academy whose family sent in photos to us after we put out a request on social media.

     Alicia Hammerich has not one, but two airmen in the family. Clayton Hammerich is stationed in Aviano, Italy although currently deployed in Qatar. Ryan Hammerich is serving at Ramstein Air Base (which is the headquarters for the U.S. Air Forces in Europe as well as Air Force Africa and the NATO Allied Air Command). “I joined the Air Force, for the opportunity to serve and grow, and for the stability,” said Ryan Hammerich.

     The Lawson family also has two sons serving in the military. Sergeant Colton Lawson is serving at Fort Drum, New York as a 91 E Allied Trade Specialist. He joined to serve his country and so he wouldn’t go into debt. Airman Westin Lawson is stationed at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas.

     Emmett L. Stoy joined the U.S. Marines in 2020 and signed a contract to be in the Marines for six years.

     Harlan Savala joined the U.S. Army in 2020 and is stationed in Fort Carson, Colorado.

     Ciera Hymas joined the U.S. Air Force this summer as well.

     Garrett Miille, enlisted in the U. S. Army in 2021, and is currently stationed in the 101st airborne division in Kentucky.

     Other young recent graduates serving that we are aware of are but did not have photos for are Kasey Clark, Aaron Mecum, and Wyatt Stoy.

     Please enjoy the photos of our service people below, and feel free to send us photos at [email protected]. Thank you. Thanks to all who submitted photos.

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