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International writers to visit Plumas County later this month

Life isn’t perfect, but it has perfect moments. It’s so true; and that we can’t wait for perfection to put ourselves out there for the world to discover. The SCWA works hard to create a few perfect moments to share with tourism professionals from around the world.

As the current Treasurer for the Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association and the Shasta Cascade Education Foundation (SCEF) I find myself very busy with requests to keep up the work of the marketing organizations for our tourism/recreation region, with budgets, meetings, information, transporting magazines to and from our county and Redding, and supporting the mission of marketing and advertising across the region, state and internationally.

The SCWA is excellent at sharing the opportunities with us to sponsor writers, photographers, and events but most of the time I am not able to take advantage of those opportunities because we as a county within the region do not budget for marketing and advertising. There are some upcoming opportunities though that I want us to get in on in a big way and I will be asking that we financially support some of these projects, as I see them as very good opportunities to assist Plumas County in marketing our beautiful part of the world. Much more to come on those requests in the near future.

The SCWA and SCEF quarterly meetings are coming right up on Sept. 10 and I realize that you’ll be reading about them a day late but I wanted to share that I will be attending and will report on them at my earliest opportunity.

The SCWA is sending some international representatives our way later this month to write articles, enjoy some recreation activities, and take some pictures and videos of our lovely Plumas County and I am always thankful for those familiarization tours that bring tourism/recreation professionals our way. It really does help in getting people from far away places to discover the beauty that awaits them in our region and specifically in Plumas County.

I often get to meet up with these visitors and show them around the Lake Almanor and Indian Valley areas, as well as other places countywide and they are always so appreciative of the local perspective and knowledge to help them in writing and presenting the best of Plumas County to their patrons. I will take pictures and behind the scenes notes to share on social media for those that follow my progress each year.

It’s an exciting time of year for us as the fall season gets underway and I get all geared up for the sharing of fall colors that will surely be spectacular and the most colorful ever. Each year I think that and each year I am surprised at the similarities of the season, as well as the differences that I notice each year. I have years of photographic evidence taken from the exact locations that show how things change and how they stay the same.

I’m always amazed at the beauty and sometimes confused about the timing of it all, some years are late to start and some are early. I guess time will tell as we get going on this year’s reports. I participate each fall with HYPERLINK “http://CaliforniaFallColor.com/”CaliforniaFallColor.com to give content to their website and media broadcast events as the season goes forward.

It’s such a rewarding thing to be involved with and getting them to share our images of our stunning fall colors. If you get a chance go to their website and look back at a few of the videos of our past years of contributions to the effort. They also have a strong social media program so you’ll find a lot to see with California Fall Color and they do multiple broadcasts across the state and nationally too, so it is important to participate to show what great fall colors we have here.

If you get a chance and take some pictures of the fall colors in your area please feel free to share it with them or in an email to: [email protected] with just some basic information as to who took the picture, where it was taken, the type of trees and when it was taken. I know this effort is worthwhile and brings so many interested visitors to our county and professional photographers looking for that perfect fall color series of images.

It’s an exciting time and as far as I’m concerned a perfect moment to be enjoying all of the beauty of our county and our region.

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