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Intruder pulls trigger on off-duty deputy, but is subdued and arrested

An off-duty Plumas County Sheriff’s Deputy came home to find an intruder in his Quincy area residence at approximately 9:30 p.m. on Sunday, June 25.

According to press release from the Plumas County Sheriff, the deputy entered his home and went into his bathroom, turned on the light and was confronted by a male with a loaded semi-automatic pistol. The male, later identified as Henry Maxwell Evans, 25, of San Jose, pointed the firearm at the deputy’s face and pulled the trigger.

The firearm did not have a round in the chamber, and the deputy was able to subdue Evans and knock away his firearm. The deputy secured Evans with handcuffs and the called the Sheriff’s Office to report the crime.

Plumas County deputies responded to the call and took Evans into custody for burglary and attempted homicide. Evans is currently being housed at the Plumas County Correctional Facility with his bail set at $500,000.

District Attorney David Hollister is preparing the charges that will be filed against Evans and will release more information Tuesday morning, June 27.

“We are thankful that our employee was not harmed in what could have been a tragic loss for the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office as well as the community,” read a statement by the Sheriff’s Office. “We remind all citizens of Plumas County to keep your homes secure and be vigilant in your neighborhoods.”

7 thoughts on “Intruder pulls trigger on off-duty deputy, but is subdued and arrested

  • I hope this man is enjoying his stay in Plumas county.
    He needs to stay right were he is for a long time!
    Thank the Lord the Deputy was not harmed
    Many Thanks to each and everyone of you for all you do

  • I’m so glad this idiot didn’t know how to work a semi auto. We don’t need this in our community. Very thankful the deputy turned the tables on this idiot! What is a hoodlum from San Jose doing up here? Good job deputy!!

    • Why is anyone anywhere? That question is not important ATM. Glad nobody was hurt

  • Great job deputy. We are thankful you or anyone else wasn’t harmed.

  • Great job officer ! Unfortunately you didn’t have time to grab your weapon and return the favor . I’m sure your gun would have had a round in the chamber ! You showed great self control and that is a sign of heroism and rarely applied these days .
    I am glad that you were not hurt and have much respect for you . You had every right to dispose of this animal . God Speed Sir .

  • Very lucky outcome and great job by the deputy! Imagine had this been anyone else who came home late after dark! Rural areas are seeing huge crime increases and are part of the New-Scum early release, no consequences for crimes crime wave and this criminal was on a crime spree and they need to find out where he’s been and how did he get to Quincy? Also a mug shot needs to be published ASAP so that people can see the attempted murderer and they might recognize him for other crimes!

  • Mug shot published- good idea. The criminal should be on his knees 23/7 thanking God the deputy didn’t want to make a mess in his bathroom but I question his decision.

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