Bright white dogwood trees bloom along Rush Creek Road from Highway 70 heading north. Photos by Mari Erin Roth

It is dogwood season

Springtime hits the canyon in varying degrees. First alerts come to Table Mountain where the plateau seems to bloom in color order, first yellow then purple then red and so on.

Spring then begins to creep up the canyon as is clearly evidenced by the lavender bursts of color from roadside lupines. Shades of red and pink come later as the weather warms and somewhere in between, the dogwoods bloom.

Now is that season. Traveling along dirt roads in the backcountry, starting where Rush Creek departs highway 70, an abundance of wildflowers can be easily recognized. No extensive knowledge is required to spot Wild Iris, yellow violets … and white dogwood as they break out in dots of color on the hillside along the winding road.