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Cassidy Miller and Sharell Jaramillo are surrounded by cookies at Plumas Bank - an excellent place to pick up a box. Photo submitted

It’s Girl Scout Cookie time – buy to eat or donate

Submitted by Troop 244

Cookie season is here until March 12th. Girl Scouts all across the country are selling the delicious treats, including us, local Girl Scout Troop 244.

We have classics such as Thin Mints and Caramel Delights, and newer cookies such as Adventurefuls and Raspberry Rally. Each box is  $6, and directly funds future projects, such as trips and community service.

If you don’t want to buy a box to eat, you can still support us by doing a cookie share. This is where you buy a box of cookies, and we donate it to the Community Assistance Network, our local food bank. You can buy or donate a box of Girl Scout cookies by reaching our troop leader at 530-260-0365, getting in contact with a Girl Scout, or ordering online. Our troop link for direct ship cookies is https://app.abcsmartcookies.com/#/shopify-landing-troop/195597ff-eb7f-ed11-9d78-0022483583f4.

For your convenience, we will also have cookies available for purchase inside Quincy’s Plumas Bank. We will also have drive-thru cookie booths in front of Quincy High School and the dates and times will be posted in the classifieds on Facebook.

Thank you for supporting our troop, enjoy your delightful cookies, and have a wonderful day!

Girl Scout Kaitlynn Miller brings cookies to CAN – an excellent option for people who want to support the Scouts but don’t want to consume the calories. Photo submitted

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