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It’s not just fun and games at Quincy Fire

Quincy Co-op preschoolers learn life-saving lessons
Students from the Quincy Co-op Preschool took a short walk from their campus to visit the adjacent Quincy Fire Department where they posed for a group photo Oct. 22. From left: Calvin Achilles, Emily Harding, Kinley Bellah, Danny Mansell, Landon John, Luciana Jacobus, Reid Harris, Riley Barnes Jacks and Camden Kurpjuweit (front). Photo by Katie Reid Harris

It’s a fun trip for preschoolers. They tour a firehouse, climb in a fire engine, spray water from a house and play games, but it’s much more than all fun and games.

The youngsters are learning valuable lessons that just might save their lives one day.

“This is a great part of our community outreach,” Fire Chief Robbie Cassou said of the department’s interaction with the young students. “We talk to the children about the dangers of fire and how to help prevent them, as well as make them feel comfortable around firefighters.”

To that end, Parker Carey donned a turnout complete with mask and breathing apparatus so that the students would learn not to be afraid of firefighters in a real emergency situation. “We don’t want you to run from us or hide under the bed,” Carey said.

Cassou said that the fire department regularly hosts tours and said that children have come from as far as Greenville to attend. Most recently, students from the Quincy Co-op Preschool visited Oct. 22.

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